Post DocAct.NET


It represents a solution for performing paperwork trading operations. The user is allowed to track a variety of different records, such as:

  • Records from orderers
  • Records of orders with legally prescribed form of book of orders - Evidence of securities, both domestic and foreign
  • Records of completed transactions and concluded sales contracts
  • Records and calculation of accounts after performed transactions
  • Records of necessary and executed payments according to transactions and orders.

These are all standard features that every such system should offer today (bookkeeping, customer account management, and support for foreign securities and currencies).DocTrader highlights the rich reporting capabilities, the security mechanism and the regulation of the right to use individual parts of the system, installation and operation in branch offices or forward departments, further elaborated standardization system and various additional systems for communication to external systems.

Functional description:
DocTrader Server is the central storage, information and communication system of the application. It is a central database of applications where all data related to processes occurring within the company is stored and based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 RDBMS. This part of the application also undertakes successful communication processes either via Internet / RAS, LAN or some other type of mobile device. The application architecture and development procedures that are selected allow the fast and stable connection of MSSQL Server to the client's already existing information systems.

Organizational chart of the system's communication structure:
The client components of the system are implemented with the latest Microsoft tools: Microsoft VS.NET 2008. This modern tool enables the use of client components of the system independently of the platform of the device on which the component is located. Also, the development of the application is realized by the concept of three-layer architecture. This concept allows the separation of the business logic of the system from other segments: databases and user interfaces. In this way, it is achieved that the corrections of business logic, business rules are easily and quickly realized.