Post D-Max.NET


Business Information System that provides complete computer support for your company's business. It is intended primarily for small and medium-sized companies, as a result of many years of development in this field. Architecture is based on Microsoft technology, D-MAX.NET is a system that provides security and reliability.

D-MAX.NET is a user designed to meet user requirements for an ease of use. The many years of experience in application development have contributed to the user interface being 'intuitive' and easy to use. All the central functions are consistent, in the sense that each functional form is similar to the one that we already know how to use. Simplicity is provided by the ability to make every important function of the system available to the user with one mouse click. Each user action follows the corresponding logical response from the program. If the given activity is an ongoing process, the user will have visual information about it. The mentioned functionalities should result in the shortening of the time required for user training, as well as the comfortable operation of the users in the subsequent use of the application.

When starting the program, the program asks the operator to log in with his user name and password. This means that any manipulation with the database will carry with you information about which the operator has made changes of data which is important for the security of the data. It is also possible to assign rights (view, modify, delete various types of data) to each individual operator. The program enables the creation and printing of various documents and reports that accompany the calculation of indebtedness, calculation and accrual of interest, calculation and posting of charges, posting of accounts.

Modern development technologies enable detailed and complete customization of your needs. All important functions by segment of your company are integrated into one business unit. D-MAX.NET is a business system that actively monitors your requirements. Contact us for a presentation of D-MAX.NET and for all additional information.