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DocART.NETenables the standardization of business processes and tracking the life cycle of business documentation that occurs in private companies and public administrations. Our solution enables paperless business, because in a simple way, the flow of documentation through the organization is electronically provided. In this way, the processing time as well as the timing of making timely business decisions is minimized.

The advantage of our solution is that, at the implementation stage, it can easily be adapted to the business processes of any private company or public administration.


DocART allows direct scanning of input documents of different types and links to existing metadata. All standard scan parameters are supported with control of brightness, contrast, color mode or output file formats. It is also possible to define the parts of the output files in order to perform additional processing in the desired region.

As a destination scanning device, there may be any scanner that supports TWAIN or ISIS standard.


Defining the types of documentation

During the implementation phase, together with the client, we define the types of business documentation. If a quality system is introduced, we use defined types of documentation in this way. For each defined species, we determine the necessary attributes that are related to the particular species. User-defined attributes are arbitrarily defined depending on the client's needs.

Simultaneous work of more users on the same document

The advantages of modern document management applications are numerous. One of these advantages is the ability to simultaneously access a single document to multiple users logged into the application, depending on the defined access rights.

Maximum shorter processing time

Compliance with the Law on Office

The security of archived documentation is ensured