Post    Mediation and processing of documents   

Physical documenting is the initial stage of preparation for the high-quality digitalization of documentation. At this stage, a list of categories of registry material is created with defined storage terms. This is the starting document for creating an archive book that defines the affiliation and the amount of the complete archive. After successful documentation preparation, we achieve the maximum scanning speed of the documentation.

In this way, electronic documents created using our DocART application are indexed and entered into a database with attributes that enable easy search.

Post      Scanning business documentation   

Scanning and digitizing business documentation is done in our scan center or client location. The scanned business documentation allows for faster access to business documentation with the additional protection of such stored documents.

By using professional scanner documents, we achieve high quality output files. Depending on the quality of the input documentation, the standard part of the scanning procedure is the processing of the output scan results in order to achieve the most effective and better quality scan results.

Post         Scanning tech documentation   

In our scan center, we have the equipment for scanning technical documentation of the format up to A0, unlimited length. Depending on the quality of the input documentation, we determine the scanning mode, using or without protective film. The created files, depending on the resolution (up to 1200dpi), can be of gigantic size, and this should certainly be taken into account in the installation and use phase.

Post       Scanning large-format books   

This type of documentation is scanned by special book scanners. For this type of scanning, we use professional ZEUTSCHEL scanners, which enable us to provide exceptional quality of scanned material.

Due to the specificity of the books we scan, careful handling is necessary, especially for cases of older books. The construction of such scanners allows safe scanning because the scanning process is performed with a scanner that does not have physical contact with the material being scanned.

Post        X-ray scanning   

By scanning X-rays, we round off our offer. For all medical institutions, we offer a scanning service for X-ray materials. The received electronic files provide a new dimension to healthcare professionals for additional analysis of the recorded material.

For the digitized materials thus obtained, we offer the possibility of connecting with the patient data.

Post         Optical Character Recognition (OCR)   

OCR process as such, performs recognition and conversion of graphic formats of scanned documents into recognizable words / text, later available for search. We perform this process by choosing a whole group of scanned documents. Depending on the quality of the input original documents (typewriter, handwriting, dot matrix printer, laser printer), a lower or greater degree of recognition of the original document is achieved. The results obtained are inserted into our DocART database, to search the electronic archive for internal content.

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 Mediation and processing of documents
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