Post Programming services


  Working hours outside the office hours (weekends and holidays) is 100% higher than the standard price. All emergency interventions are charged 50% more than the standard price. Installation of components in computers and equipment under warranty is free of charge.
Hourly rates mean every started hour. All prices are without VAT Price list valid from 01.01.2022.

- Programmers working hour4.500rsd
- Advisors working hour3.500rsd
- Programmer working hour for specific activities 5.000rsd
- Work day of programmer for 8 hours (over 6 hours daily) 16.000rsd
 - Work day of programmer for specific activities30.000rsd
- Transfer of the opening balance for the new business year4.500rsd
- Reinstalling the database and service components 5.0000rsd
- Reinstalling client components2.000rsd
- Going out on the field – location Čačak up to 20 km 1.800rsd
- Going out onn the field outside of Čačak 50rsd/km
- Field service for up to 20 km 1.800rsd
- Equipment delivery service up to 20 km (for goods purchased from us)free
- Equipment assembly service (for goods purchased from us) free
-Service for warranty equipment after warranty conditions
- Detection and removal of virus infections 1.000rsd/hour
- Installing a licensed Windows OS with activation 2.200rsd
-Reinstallation of a licensed Windows OS with a driver installation 2.200rsd/hour
- Recover data from damaged disks 2.600rsdr/hour
- Intervention service at workstations-user 1.800rsd/hour
-Installing the server OS - defining users 9.500rsd
- Creating domain accounts and stations up to 20 900rsd/user
- Installation and configuration of SQL server 4.200rsd
- Advising and projecting of LAN/WAN 2.800rsd/hour
- Configuration of DNS DHCP service in LAN/WAN 2.500rsd
- Data transfer to new server 2.500rsd/hour
- Email account configuration 900rsd/per
- Other service interventions 2.800rsd/hour

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