Perftech.Largo is flexible, modular, integrated, simple and modern software for tracking all areas of business in the company. Perftech.Largo is designed for large and medium-sized enterprises from different industries. ERP system Largo covers and connects all important business functions of an enterprise to an efficient whole.

Solutions in accounting and finance are adjusted to Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian legislation. Many large systems use Largo to solve problems in planning, organizing, monitoring, and counter-production. The production module enables the monitoring of all production processes and activities so that the effects of business activity are considered within the finances. Largo has a complete reporting system, with the ability to define mail reporting systems.

Why choose Perftech.Largo IT solution?

  • It uses modern technology that encourages the development of IT solutions,
  • pruža prave informacije u pravo vreme na razumljiv i precizan način,
  • it allows to improve the efficiency of management, analysts, and the company as a whole,
  • improves the quality of work of all departments in your company,
  • enables quick execution of operations (from one input document the others are generated),
  • covers all key business functions and processes and allows them to be managed,
  • Adaptable to your needs and specificities,
  • shortens and facilitates the decision-making process,
  • enables control and direction of business in order to realize the company's strategy,
  • contributes to a faster response to market demands,
  • has a significant number of references, since it is implemented in more than 200 companies,
  • offers the shortest way to success.