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 Camera sensor  RGB line sensor (3-channel, CMOS technology)
 Resolution  100-1000ppi
 Camera system  Wear-free mechanical shutter, variable exposure time, electronically adjustable shutter;
 automatic white and black balance, variable depth of focus
 Max. original size  Up to > DIN A0 (depending on the copyboard system used)
 Scan mode  96bit
 Scanning speed  (from start to end of scanning process),
 300 ppi – 7 sec, 600 ppi – 10 sec.
 Dimensions  (w x d x h) 1730 x 3200 x 2305 mm, 68.11″ x 125.98″ x 90.75″
 Weight  90 kg
 Voltage  110-240 V
 Frequency  50-60 Hz
 Temperature range  19-35°C
 Operating System  Windows 10 (64bit)
 Scanning software  min. OmniScan OS 12.2 (64bit)

Download detailed specification: