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Camera sensor RGB line sensor (3-channel, CMOS technology)
Resolution MeanMTF10 at 600 ppi: 9 LP/mm (with max. zoom-in up to 12 LP/mm)
Max. original size DIN A1
Scan mode 96bit color
Scanning speed 200ppi – 3.5 sec 400ppi – 5.9sec 600ppi – 7.6 sec
Dimenzije (š x d x v) 1370 x 2200 x 2144 mm, 53.93" x 78.74" x 84.40"
Scanner interface Camera link
Zoom A1 – A2
Voltage 110 - 240V
Max. consumption 440W
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Temperature range 18–35°C
Operating system Windows 10 (64bit)
Scanning software min. OmniScan OS 12.12 (64bit)

Download detailed specification: